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How to know the right time to sell your property effectively

Do you know when it is the right time to sell your own home? You may have heard people saying that spring is the best time to sell but how true is this? Is it just an old wives’ tale that you will get a higher price for your home when you sell at a certain time?
When really is the best time to sell?

What’s the news with selling in spring?

Spring is known as the best time to sell a home, especially without an agent. The premise here is that after the cold of winter there are plenty more buyers getting out and looking around for properties. This means there is more competition for the houses which then drives the price range up. Gardens look their best in spring so if the garden is one of your features then you want a nice sunny day that will bring you the lightest possible.
People tend to be more active during the spring months as it is warming up and the sunshine seems to motivate people. If your home is fairly basic then it can backfire if you put your home up for sale in spring as there are so many being listed in spring it can get lost among the ones that have bigger features.
Autumn can also be a good time to look at selling as there isn’t a hugely competitive market like there is in the springtime.  Buyers tend to take time off in the summer holidays which is when they spend time researching the homes on the market. This will be the ideal time for you to take action on the home decision you had locked up. If you act on it now, chances are that you get what you’ve been eyeing on before it gets competitive in the market.

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Where the market is: You need to know whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market. You need to research the market and research the number of listings as to how much the houses similar to your home are selling for. Is the market undersupplied or oversupplied?

Your own requirements: There is more to it than just the season that you need to think about when selling your home. Do you really need to sell yet? If the market doesn’t seem good atm then can you put off selling?  Sometimes for reasons like divorce, baby on the way or financial reasons you may not be able to hold off, but it is a good idea to check the market is perfect before listing.

The location: Beach homes should be advertised during the hotter months whereas a home full of gardens and plants should be advertised during the springtime. Homes will present better at certain times of the year. If your home tends to puddle water and the backyard looks like a pig pen during winter rain days, then avoid advertising during this time and aim for summer when everything has dried. Know when your home feels most fresh and looks its best before you advertise. Spring still remains a popular time as people love to advertise when flowers are in their full bloom and the weather is nice and encouraging. Make the most of your outdoor area in the springtime and ensure it is up to scratch before the open house. If your home has a fireplace and your advertising in the winter light the fire and gives people, the sense of warmth and comfort.


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