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5 Best Sports Museum in The World

Are you a sports enthusiast trying to find the best destination this summer? Want a repair for you through the off-season? Or only need to show the children some of your childhood sporting heroes? Following is a listing of 5 of the greatest sports museums that the planet has to offer...

World Rugby Museum

The World Rugby Museum houses the selection of the Rugby Football Union, with over 25,000 historical objects constituting the history of the game from its public college roots from the 19th century into the contemporary global game. The collection incorporates match-worn decorations and jerseys, balls, decorations, programs, tickets and photos spanning over a century, with noteworthy things such as the Calcutta Cup, the 2003 Rugby World Cup, an 1871 England Jersey and Cap and also an 1888 Anglo-Australian Tour Jersey and Cap.

Permanent displays include the Twickenham Wall of Fame, commemorating the best players to have graced the arena, The Annals of Rugby that details the roots of the game, and also The World of Rugby which details the way the game has spread into the four corners of the planet. Fans will have the chance to check their passing and kicking skills, and possibly even combine a trip with a scenic tour of Twickenham itself.

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Situated in Springfield, Massachusetts, also named after former resident James Naismith who invented the game in 1891, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is America's top basketball museum. Because it was set up in 1959, the Hall of Fame has inducted 335 players, coaches, referees, and contributors, together with ten teams, all of whom are commemorated at the museum's most important hall. Having moved to its new place in 2002, the museum also contains a collection of interactive displays, and historical memorabilia such as game-worn basketball team uniforms and shoes, medals, decorations and championship rings.

Those who made it into the hall of fame are given a spot for their photos to be hung on the walls. Some people even have a whole exhibit set up on their name. In 2009, Michael Jordan, apart from having his place in the hall of fame, had his first exhibit set up in the museum. The exhibit exudes a noisy, Fan Fest-like air with interactive screens. The memorial dutifully honors its own professional and faculty eminences and contains lots of the iconic things that Jordan had used; basketball, basketball singlet, and shoes.

In addition, there are displays telling the story of this game's earliest days in Springfield YMCA, the maturation of the school game and the arrival of basketball with the BAA, both the NBA and the ABA. And people wanting to examine their abilities might compete against NBA stars at a virtual reality game. They also have the option to shoot actual hoops on the museum's full-size basketball court.

MCC Museum

The MCC Museum at Lords Cricket Ground in London is thought to be the world's oldest sporting museum - formally opened in 1953, together with the roots of this museum's collection dating back to 1864. Entry to the museum is contained in the Lord's excursion, which takes you behind the scenes of this planet's most famous cricket ground. The museum's most famous exhibit is additionally cricket's most well-known thing — the first Ashes urn introduced to England captain Ivo Bligh through a tour of Australia at 1882/83. Other exhibits pay tribute to the game's most renowned players, such as W.G Grace, Don Bradman, Jack Hobbs, Victor Trumper and Brian Lara.

Amongst the museum's large collection are gears utilized by a century of legendary cricket players, the floor's famous Father Time weather vane and even an unfortunate stuffed sparrow, struck dead during a game over 90 years ago and mounted onto the cricket ball which killed it.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

First started in 1977 to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Wimbledon championships, the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is currently the largest tennis museum in the world with tens of thousands of historical artifacts and interactive museum display system. Amongst the things on screen are decorations, medals and decorations given across three decades, a publication on the match composed circa 1555, classic gear and tennis styles from the Victorian age into the present day, and memorabilia from lots of the world's best players past and current.

Visitors may also obtain a tour of these men's dressing in the holographic 'ghost' of John McEnroe; observe a 3D picture about the science of golfing on the museum's 200 level cinema display, and also take a behind-the-scenes tour around the planet famous grounds.

Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum which is located in Switzerland is the greatest museum devoted to the world's biggest sporting event. With over 10,000 artifacts encased in museum display cabinets, the museum traces the history of these matches, from early Olympic Games and the rebirth of the modern Games from the 19th century to the current moment. The museum is divided into three segments: the Olympic World, Olympic Games, and the Olympic Spirit. The first addresses the growth of the games over more than 2,000 decades, as well as the next records the events inside the matches, with over 1,000 archive video clips shooting a few of the most iconic moments in Olympic history.

The next section enables visitors to become a part of the Olympic family, analyzing their abilities and agility in a series of interactive displays, experiencing life as a diversion of an Olympic village, also watching a display of historical championships won by athletes over time. The museum is surrounded by scenic gardens and a park, which is full of artworks inspired by athletic accomplishment.

Below is a video of one of the best sports museum in the world; a tour at Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame:

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