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How to Fix Broken Blinds


On occasion, on larger shades, there’s a part which keeps the long metal strips rubbing against what’s called the head rail, moves out of its position. This piece is just a small plastic part that all the spears run through. All you have to do is push this plastic part to the end of the metal spears and this will eliminate the noise.


  1. Grab hold of your lift cords and hold level with the headrail and gently pull. This will release the cord lock. If by any chance this does not fix the issue, take the blind out of the window.
  2. Find the cord lock mechanism in the head rail. There you should see a pin. Use a flat head (be do not come in contact with the cording) screwdriver, turn the screwdriver perpendicular to your head rail.
  3. By pushing the pin in, this will disengage the cords. The second you release the pin, the slats will quickly lower.


  1. Remove the blind completely from your window. If its a wand tilt, also remove the wand. Remove the tassels if it’s a cord tilt.
  2. Remove the metal end piece or plastic end cap located on the head rail. Then you need to slide the tilt rod out but only enough to clear the tilter. Replace the tilter and then very gently push it down until it snaps back into its original position.
  3. Test the tilter shaft until the flat part of it lines up with the flat part inside the tilter.
  4. And finally, push the rod back through the tilter and replace the end cap. If you have a cord tilt, the tassels should be even when the blind is in its open position. Only then should you attach the tassels after the cord tilter has been installed.


Often times the tilt rod will become disconnected from the tilt mechanism which is in the head rail. This can happen during handling at shipment. This can cause the tilt mechanism to move as the slats remain in place. A simple fix to this is: first remove the blind from your window. Look at the head rail and you will see a long metal rod that runs the length of your head rail. This is where the tilt mechanism is housed. By gently pushing the end of the tilt rod you can push it back into the space where the tilt mechanism is housed.